Thursday, February 3, 2011

RIDE THE RAILS IN REVERSE!!! Walt Disney World Railroad backwards attraction poster

While Walt Disney World's Splash Mountain was under construction, railroad service around the Magic Kingdom came to a halt as the trains were unable to complete the circuit and pass through Frontierland. To accomadate guests, the Walt Disney World Railroad operated trains From Mickey's Starland to Main Street USA........and back. This limited point-to-point service had imagineers create a whole new poster to  reflect the new route of the Walt Disney World Railroad!!

The poster was done by Rudy Lord and Jim Michaleson. Sscreenprinted on tyvek. 1990.
Also, as a reminder the Disney Attraction Poster book should be hitting the park shelves around May 2011!!


  1. I very much visit your happy blog. Do you ship to Spain? Thank you very much and stay out of our tent.

  2. Amazing that this poster was even created! It has to be incredibly rare.

    I'm looking forward to your book!

  3. What a fascinating story. I had no idea they operated the trains in a "there and back" mode during Splash Mnt construction. I image they had a conductor riding at the back of the rear car when it was in reverse (like shown in the poster).

    This Disney Attraction Poster book you mention, is this a volume you have authored? Sounds like a great topic and can't wait to see it.

  4. For several years now I have been doing research with the intent of doing a attraction poster book. This particular book is being done by WDI and published by Disney Editions. I only had some input. The book will be most amazing with some very rare images of concept art and unproduced posters as well a great display of attraction posters done over the years for ALL Disney parks. As it went along, Disney Editions decided to have less text and more poster samples. Either-way it is going to be an incredible book to have! I may still do a book focusing more on collecting attractions posters that way I can explain the many variations and stories behind the posters --- some technical, some humorous, some even a bit naughty!

  5. I had no idea that they did this either. Disney should have come up with a new poster for DL's Monorail when they ran it backwards during DCA's construction!