Monday, March 22, 2010


Recently a portion of Disneyland's main gate and kennel area received a little remodeling as part of a multi-phase series of main gate refurbishments. Designed last year and slowly awaiting their time to shine is a whole new series of attraction posters for Disneyland. Some of these include posters featuring artwork developed for other parks and altered, while others are totally new. Some destined for display will include "Mr. Toad's Wild Ride" ( a never-before-done poster!) , "Tarzan's Tree house", "The Many Adventure's of Winnie The Pooh", "It's A Small World" and others. The first of some of these new ones went up on display last week. Take a look:

these new posters are done in the original 1956-1972  Disneyland attraction poster 36"x54". Disneyland was the only park to use this jumbo size poster.

oddly, this one is missing the "Disneyland" at the bottom like the other posters
The "Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage" attraction poster debuted several years ago---this new one features some slight color changes and features "Disneyland Park" at the bottom rather than the first printing that read only "Disneyland" both versions are still on display.

That new 2010 "It's A Small World" attraction poster is a 7Th generation poster for this attraction world-wide.  It's Disneyland's  3rd design.  It uses artwork originally created for merchandise --it also lacks the attraction's new sponsor: Sylvania...........could there be another version of this poster showing up later??

Another new poster heading for Disneyland

this poster features the newest version of this attraction, but pays homage in style to the original Swiss Family Tree House attraction poster!
here's the original Hong Kong Disneyland version of this poster that is now featured at Disneyland.
another updated poster for Disneyland!