Saturday, July 3, 2010


For this Fourth Of July weekend here is a cavalcade of patriotic themed attraction posters from the 1960's through today!
our first real patriotic poster CIRCARAMA-"America The Beautiful"
this version lets guests know that the admission is FREE! a rarer version of this poster printed for use at the attraction's entrance announced "AIR CONDITIONED!"

a thumbnail sketch on a alternate-unproduced version of the poster above

A concept for the New Tomorrowland 1967 version of the poster --at this time the attraction was still being referred to as "'CIRCARAMA" and not yer "CIRCLE VISION"

another very tiny thumbnail sketch for a 1967 redo of the poster--starting to look closer to the final version!

here is a image of the final 1967 "America The Beautiful" poster --shown here c. 1987 on the patio of the Disney Gallery when you could buy REAL attraction posters

This poster was re-done for both Disneyland and Walt Disney World in 1975/76 for the Bicentennial version of the attraction done in the smaler poster size of the period.

And now some of the many, many versions of "Great Moments With Mr. Lincoln"

this is referred to as the "Dollar Bill" poster

at one point this  show was being performed at the New York World's Fair and Disneyland simultaneously!

A "generic"  version of the 1974 poster--missing it's remaining graphics and "Gulf" sponsor call outs.

The 1984 Version of the attraction is revamped with the new "Journey To Gettysburg" show--complete with authentic 1860's 3-d SFX headsets!!!

Better hurry up and try the headphones on one last time!!

An old friend is coming back!!

The current incarnation of this poster as seen today at Disneyland!

Here is the 1983/84 poster for "AMERICAN JOURNEYS" --the first version at Disneyland features "PSA AIRLINES" as it's sponsor, the second version displays "Delta Airlines". The fist WDW version of the poster features "Black and Decker" as it's sponsor.

And in 1997 "AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL" comes back to Disneyland for a farewell performance. This was a WDW backup print copy of the 1975/1976 version of this very popular film. At some points of the show, the film had deteriorated so badly that guests were watching a motionless image--a example was the St Louis Arch segment!!

And the famous Disneyland Railroad Bicentennial Special poster!!


The Walt Disney World "HALL OF PRESIDENTS" poster. There are a few versions of this poster, including the first 1971 version, a 1978 version and a 1980's silk screened version based on the original poster --all have a similar layout, however the text fonts change and some other minor alterations.  In a later post reg the WDW attraction posters I will show the concept art for a unproduced 1990's Hall of Presidents poster, with Lincoln and Bill Clinton depicted.

shown is the 1978 poster