Friday, December 24, 2010


JINGLE BELL JAMBOREE, Tokyo Disneyland  attraction poster

In 1984 Disneyland debuted a holiday overlay  variation to the Country Bear Jamboree called, Country Bear Christmas. Walt Disney World followed shortly after. A concept poster was proposed for the American parks that used the original Country Bear Jamboree attraction poster with holiday details added ------ snow deposits on various parts of the poster, a wreath above the "Five Bear Rugs" portrait and some graphic changes to the lettering. This poster never went into production. However a smaller playbill size poster was created for the entrances of the Bear Band show featuring the Christmas show and another showcasing the Vacation Hoedown show. These are similar to attractions posters, but are not.

Sadly at Disneyland, the original Country Bear Jamboree could no-longer be shown due to the fact that when the two new holiday/vacation shows were done with a new tape-playback and the 1972 show tapes could not be used on the new equipment.

TOKYO DISNEYLAND was excited to add the additional Country Bear Shows, and changed the attraction's name from COUNTRY BEAR JAMBOREE to COUNTRY BEAR THEATER.  This name changed introduced 3 new attraction posters to celebrate all three shows. The original 1983 Country Bear Jamboree attraction poster was the same artwork from Walt Disney World and Disneyland all done in an offset litho process. The NEW Country Bear Theater posters for Tokyo Disneyland were all silk screened!!

The new posters included a detailed redo of the regular Bear band poster and two new seasonal show posters

COUNTRY BEAR THEATER, Tokyo Disneyland, 1991

COUNTRY BEAR THEATER , Jingle Bear Jamboree, 1990

COUNTRY BEAR THEATER, Vacation Jamboree, 1991

The JINGLE BELL JAMBOREE attraction poster is the ONLY Disney park Holiday poster ever done with the recent "BELIEVE IN HOLIDAY MAGIC" poster at Disneyland. No posters have ever been produced for "It's A Small World"  or the "Haunted Mansion" holiday shows. Even a concept poster was developed for a Enchanted Tiki Room holiday show -an attraction that never materialized.