Monday, March 22, 2010


Recently a portion of Disneyland's main gate and kennel area received a little remodeling as part of a multi-phase series of main gate refurbishments. Designed last year and slowly awaiting their time to shine is a whole new series of attraction posters for Disneyland. Some of these include posters featuring artwork developed for other parks and altered, while others are totally new. Some destined for display will include "Mr. Toad's Wild Ride" ( a never-before-done poster!) , "Tarzan's Tree house", "The Many Adventure's of Winnie The Pooh", "It's A Small World" and others. The first of some of these new ones went up on display last week. Take a look:

these new posters are done in the original 1956-1972  Disneyland attraction poster 36"x54". Disneyland was the only park to use this jumbo size poster.

oddly, this one is missing the "Disneyland" at the bottom like the other posters
The "Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage" attraction poster debuted several years ago---this new one features some slight color changes and features "Disneyland Park" at the bottom rather than the first printing that read only "Disneyland" both versions are still on display.

That new 2010 "It's A Small World" attraction poster is a 7Th generation poster for this attraction world-wide.  It's Disneyland's  3rd design.  It uses artwork originally created for merchandise --it also lacks the attraction's new sponsor: Sylvania...........could there be another version of this poster showing up later??

Another new poster heading for Disneyland

this poster features the newest version of this attraction, but pays homage in style to the original Swiss Family Tree House attraction poster!
here's the original Hong Kong Disneyland version of this poster that is now featured at Disneyland.
another updated poster for Disneyland!


  1. Cool to see that they are finally creating some new posters. Thanks for posting these! Can't wait to see Mr. Toad's.

  2. Mike, don't be so vague...what DAY did they debut last week?! Thanks for the photo tour!

  3. Wait a minute... would the new Mr. Toad poster happen to be the one that was on that big collage at the D23 event? I was shocked that Mr. Toad had a poster that I didn't know about, being that it's one of my top favorites and I was in the process of designing my own Mr. Toad poster at the same time!

  4. Yes Sam! It was designed about two years ago especially for Disneyland. The new posters have been printed and are awaiting to be placed on display. There has never been a Mr. Toad attraction poster -untill now. The new design looks like it could have been right there with the other posters screened for the NEW FANTASYLAND back in 1983, but at that time the revised land opened without a Mr. Toad attraction poster. WHY no Toad poster back then? Simple: all the Disneyland New Fantsyland posters were really designed for TOKYO DISNEYLAND! The poster production costs were paid for by the Oriental Land Company to use as part of a set of 23 new attractions posters for the Japan park. Rudy Lord of WED's graphics dept. was very smart however: he knew they could use them for Disneyland's new Fantasyland with a couple of simple screen changes. Look closely at the 1983 Disneyland Fantasyland posters--the guest inside the "Peter Pan's Flight" poster galleon are Japanese! The Carousel tent below Dumbo is the Cinderella's Golden Carousel design from Tokyo Disneyland! And that's why there was a "Pinocchio's Daring Journey" but no "Mr. Toad's Wild Ride" or a updated "Alice In Wonderland" --because Tokyo Disneyland did not have these attractions! WED was far too finacially stretched with EPCOT and New Fantasyland to allow a budget for new Disneyland attraction posters, but because of the Tokyo Disneyland project underway at the same time, we did get some new poster art for Walt's Disneyland! THANK YOU ORIENTAL LAND COMPANY!!!

    BTW: Tou can thank Tokyo Disneyland for other Disneyland posters like: 1983 "MARK TWAIN RIVERBOAT",1983 "GOLDEN HORSESHOE REVUE" (note that the giant gold horshoe also has diamonds inlayed in it for TDL's "Diamond Horseshoe Revue"), 1983 "ENCHANTED TIKI ROOM" and the 1984 "MAGIC JOURNEYS" attraction posters!

  5. Thanks for posting about the posters! Like your blog.

  6. Wow, another fascinating post. I'd love to see some of the examples mentioned in your own comment, such as the Fantasyland poster with the Japanese guests, or the Golden Horseshoe poster; I'm not familiar with those!